Journey to the Clouds

A mother and son return to the Nepalese Himalayas to complete a journey 35 years in the making
The adventure started in January, 1979, when Gail, Sean and Lin visited Nepal and attempted the Annapurna Circuit. They couldn’t go any further than Manang, because it was mid-winter, and the pass was snowed over, so they had to retrace their steps back to the beginning of the trail. The next year, Gail and Sean married, and gave birth to a son, Nile.

In 1986, Gail visited Tibet via Nepal. While in Nepal, she took her first Buddhist vows at Kopan Monastery. In January 2006, she was ordained as a Buddhist nun.

Later that year, Nile visited Nepal for the first time, and trekked the entire Annapurna Circuit. During that trip, the dream to return with his parents was born.

In 2014, Gail and Nile returned to Nepal to hike the Annapurna Circuit. In addition, they planned to visit the mystical region of Upper Mustang, a restricted area of Nepal populated by Tibetans, high in the Himalayas and along the border with Tibet.

This is an account of their journey.
this is the guide

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From the blog:

Nepal Earthquake

I feel a heavy heart and great sadness following the news of the devastating 7.8 earthquake in Nepal.

Thousands died, many more are left homeless, and priceless ancient temples and items of cultural heritage have been destroyed.

I have heard from all of my friends in Nepal, and thankfully, they are all okay.

My love, care and blessings go out to all the people affected.

– Nile Sprague

Nepal Trek Photo Essay

I put together a photo essay focusing on Buddhism and the cultures of the Himalayan region that my mother and I traveled through during our trek as a submission for the 2015 Wilbur Awards. You can view my submission below. – Nile Sprague

wilburawardtrophytm250wUpdate March 11, 2015: I won the award. I will be traveling to Washington, DC to receive the award on April 12. Yay!


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